Informing employees of their rights

Under Section 6 of the British Columbia Employment Standards Act, an employer must give each employee information about their rights under the Act.  The employer must either make the information available, or else provide it to each employee.

The information needed under Section 6 can be posted somewhere in the workplace, or provided to the employee when they are hired.

The Director of Employment Standards has approved certain forms setting out the employees’ rights, which employers should use for purposes of complying with Section 6.  The form is available here.  A poster format is available here.

Every employer in British Columbia is required to provide these forms to their employees.  If you have questions about the other duties of employers in British Columbia, contact EmployRight and speak with an employment lawyer.

The information provided on this page is a general overview of the duty to inform employees as set out in the BC Employment Standards Act.  It should not be taken as legal advice.  For answers to specific questions about your workplace obligations, contact EmployRight and speak with one of our employment lawyers.