Getting Employment Right

Your employees are your greatest asset…

…if you manage your workplace correctly.  Managing the workplace is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing every business owner.

We help you create a healthy and productive workplace by bringing clarity and consistency to your employment relationships, helping you meet your legal obligations, and providing proactive advice when you need it, and defending you in the event of dispute.  Learn how.

Proactive, resourceful, effective

Our sole focus is employment law.  Business owners and human resources professionals rely on us to provide the proactive guidance they need to make the best decisions for their workplace.

Treat us as part of your business.  We learn the values of your company, identify the needs of your organization, and provide the expertise needed to meet legislative requirements, address challenges, and avoid legal disputes.  We do this proactively as much as possible, but we also respond as challenges arise.  There is no one-time fix for your workplace.  We’re here to support you for the long term.

Small business friendly

We work in a sensible and attentive way that is right for your business, because after all, we’re a small business too.  Many of our services are available at fixed rates.

 We support you with:

  • Lawful hiring and recruiting practices
  • Compensation strategies
  • Tailored employment contracts
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Restricting solicitation of your business
  • Legislative compliance
  • Policy manual review and preparation
  • Performance management
  • Absenteeism, substance use management, and other employee conduct issues
  • Progressive discipline
  • Discrimination policies, Human Rights Code compliance, and accommodation
  • Workers Compensation Act policies and compliance
  • Employment Standards Act compliance
  • Hours of work and overtime
  • Mandatory record-keeping requirements
  • Workplace investigations
  • Pre-termination strategy
  • Lawful termination processes
  • Employee leaves of absence
  • Lay-off and recall
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Purchase and sale, restructuring, and closing
  • Wrongful dismissal litigation
  • Regular updates on developments in employment law

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Yeager & Company Law Corporation is a law firm dedicated exclusively to employment law matters since 1996.