You have obligations

All employers are subject to complex legislative requirements, as well as the common law.  We help you navigate the complicated world of employment law.

Employment contracts

Every employment relationship is based on a contract, whether it’s written or oral.  We can review your current contracts and identify areas where improvement is needed to protect your business.  Then we’ll help you implement solutions.

An EmployRight contract is tailored to your business and will:

  • Clarify your obligations to the employee;
  • Clarify the employee’s obligations to you;
  • Clarify your expectations and performance standards;
  • Avoid wrongful dismissal and related claims;
  • Help you meet legislative requirements.

Learn more about EmployRight employment contracts.

Set expectations, manage performance

A policy manual is not the same as a contract, but it can be a powerful tool for setting standards of performance, managing employee conduct, and resolving workplace disputes.  Some policies are required by law.

We will ensure you are meeting your legal obligations while capitalizing on the power of the policy manual to set expectations and manage performance.

Learn more about EmployRight policy manuals.

Legislative compliance

As an employer, you must comply with the following employment legislation:

  • The BC Human Rights Code;
  • The BC Employment Standards Act;
  • The BC Workers Compensation Act;
  • The BC Personal Information Protection Act.

Other legislation may apply to your specific industry.

We help you understand and comply with the law in each stage of the employment relationship.

Responding to the unexpected

Unexpected challenges are going to arise in your workplace.  That’s why we anticipate supporting you for the long term.  Timely legal advice can save you from escalating conflicts, costly missteps, and legal disputes.

We look forward to hearing from you – call us to speak with a lawyer.