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Your employment law resource for small business in British Columbia.

Employright is a law firm that provide resources and information for small business owners in British Columbia. We have a wealth of experience in helping employers navigate complex employment law and challenges in the workplace.

Located in beautiful North Vancouver, we can help your businesses with employment contracts, termination, writing policy manuals, and working with independent contractors. We can also help employers understand workplace rules and regulations. Our clients appreciate our law firm’s sensitive, timely, and personal approach to providing support for employers.

We’re here to guide and support through difficult times – especially if you’re a small business with no human resources department or help on-hand.

A law firm should have many years of experience to draw upon – ours is over twenty years strong and we thrive knowing that we’ve helped many small business owners with employment law issues during this time period. Our knowledge of the Employment Standards Act is second to none and we’re here to help you.

We are the employer’s lawyer. We can help your small business hire, employ and terminate employees while protecting you from exposure to the maximum termination notice, saving your business potentially tens of thousands of dollars in notice payments and legal fees.

People choose to hire an employment lawyer for many reasons, for example dealing with terminating an employee or protecting their business against damages. Whatever your case and needs are, we work hard to give you fair representation against any claims made against you.

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