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Welcome to EMPLOYRIGHT.CA, an employment law resource for small business in British Columbia.

Employer’s Lawyer. If you are a small business employer, you probably do not have your own Human Resources department. Yet as things change in your workplace you need to maintain flexibility in your workforce but you do not want to expose your business to costly wrongful dismissal claims or other employee misbehavior.

Did you know? Oral contracts. Each of your employees has an individual contract of employment with you. Unless you have taken the trouble to have written employment contracts prepared, these employment contracts are oral contracts, the worst kind for the employer. If your employees have oral employment contracts, your business is probably exposed to the maximum notice amount owed on termination of employment. This maximum notice can come as quite a shock to your business, as it can exceed the minimum notice required by the Employment Standards Act by large multiples. Termination of an employee’s employment then becomes a minefield of legal obligations, that take profit out of your business.

What can the employer do to protect itself against exposure to the maximum notice?

The keys are in the hiring of the employee, the terms of the employment contract, and the termination of the employee.

We are the employer’s lawyer. We can help your small business hire, employ and terminate employees while protecting you from exposure to the maximum termination notice, saving your business potentially tens of thousands of dollars in notice payments and legal fees.

Please contact us to begin protecting your business from excessive employee termination costs.

On November 1, 2013, WorkSafeBC's (Workers Compensation Board) new work place Bullying and Harrasment regulations comes into effect. Get a copy of your free E-Book on this new regulation by clicking here